Brand Finance is a global consultancy with a well-known digital product called Brandirectory.

I was tasked with completely overhauling the Brandirectory product. The site would be accessed by a multitude of industry professionals and journalists looking for all sorts of data on the world’s biggest brands. There was a requirement for many types of data visualization, as well as ecommerce functions.

Disclaimer: I was the creative lead on this project as part of my role at MintTwist.

A screenshot of Brandirectory

Marketing and promotion

Brandirectory already had a strong brand and is well known as an industry leader for brand data and their league tables. I needed to take what they already had and elevate it to ensure that the site is not only a pleasure to use, but also to make sure that the marketing side of it effectively converted visitors into buyers.

I adapted and added to their brand, incluuding a more intelligent use of colour, and updated type family and guidance for photography and editorial style.

A screenshot of Brandirectory

Data visualization and tables

The charts and tables were by far the largest challenge of the product design. With careful collaboration with Brand Finance, we settled on key data points to include in the charts and tables to ensure that they were valuable and useful, as well as easy to use and nice to look at.

Complex tables holding the same data and more were also part of the product, allowing more detail and a simpler format for quick consumption of the data.

A screenshot of Brandirectory

Product and ecommerce

The key point of the product is for users to buy access to data from multiple access points. Presenting the brand data in such a way that makes it pleasurable to use, as well as making each element stand out on its own was very important.

Users can buy access to many different levels, individual brands and reports. Providing access to each item and making it easy to buy and access was also important.

A screenshot of Brandirectory