Mercia Group

Mercia is a provider of training, marketing and compliance services to accountancy firms.

There are four core parts to the site: the marketing and search functions for the training courses, the dashboard for accountancy firms to manage their bookings, the ecommerce side for purchase of courses and materials, and a section for users to watch webinars.

Disclaimer: I was the creative lead on this project as part of my role at MintTwist.

A screenshot of Mercia

Marketing and promotion

I led the design of a marketing side of the site that utilized the company’s branding to its most colourful, with full-bleed gradients and a focus on easy-to-read typography.

A screenshot of Mercia


I designed a full suite of pages, interactions and journeys for the product side of the website. These pages required many iterations and close collaboration with Mercia and their clients.

Many of the details came to light during the design process and each iteration added new interactions and features to simplify and enhance the user experience.

A screenshot of Mercia
A screenshot of Mercia


The website also needed a full ecommerce system so that clients could browse for and buy training services, marketing services and physical products.

There was also a requirement for clients to build an item on the fly from within the system, using various elements available to them.