Wizard Radio

Wizard Radio is a media company and internet radio station targeting teenagers and young adults.

The organization offers a range of editorial and music programs for young people but their provious website didn’t do their content justice. I designed their upgraded, more editorially-focused site.

Disclaimer: I was the creative lead on this project as part of my role at MintTwist.

A screenshot of Mercia

Full redesign

Wizard Radio wanted to present their excellent content in a way that did it justice, so I set to work on designing them a more editorially-led website that catered for their target audience, which is notoriously fickle when it comes to apps and online services.

Wizard Radio had identified that many traditional media companies targeting young people offered their services in a patronizing and often over-the-top way. They wanted to avoid this, so I set to work on designing a visual language that follows common paradigms, the Wizard Radio brand and didn’t use stereotypical teenager tropes.

A screenshot of Mercia

Editorial led

I helped Wizard Radio to establish a new system for editorial content. Previously they relied upon a bog-standard blog-style system. I designed a language and editorial style that helped Wizard Radio to build trust with their audience, as well as giving them more opportunity to get eyes on their content.

Balancing the new need for highlighting the written and longform editorial with the need to increase the listenership of their radio programs was key for many pages of the site.

A screenshot of Mercia
A screenshot of Mercia

Mobile-first design

A higher-than-average proportion of Wizard Radio’s audience uses a small screen to access the website so it was also important for me to ensure that the experience between mobile and desktop screen sizes was consistent and clear.